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LHVuno is a large and bright design-loft on the top floor of a historic Venetian building. Equipped with elevator and panoramic terrace on the Grand Canal.

  • Apartment m2100m2
  • Number of peopleUp to 7 people
  • Number of bathrooms2 bathrooms
  • Pets allowedAnimals welcome under request
  • Non smoking apartmentNon smoking apartment
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LHVdue is a bright and characteristic design-apartment on the top floor of a Venetian historic building. It is close to all the city attractions and it is equipped with lift and two terraces with splendid views of Venice city center.

  • Apartment m2 70m2
  • Number of people Up to 6 people
  • Number of bathrooms 2 bathrooms
  • Pets allowed Animals welcome under request
  • Non smoking apartment Non smoking apartment
  • … and much more, read on!
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Do you want more?

Are you a large group? A big family? Many friends?

Why don’t you reserve both LHVuno and LHVdue? The two units are divided by a reinforced door but can be joined if necessary.

Contact us for more informations or for booking both units together.

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We will guide you in your Venice experience and we will be here to help every step of the way.

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Tips & Specials


The mistery of San Zaccaria’s crypt

There is a Venice that few people still know, the Venice of the crypts, fundamental spaces in the architectural structure of many churches. Hidden places because underground, but no less rich in charm and art, originally designed to preserve the relics of the patron saints to whom the churches were dedicated, and today places of mystery and attraction.

San Zaccaria was the Pantheon of the Venetian Middle Ages: here lie eight ancient doges, the first of the Republic.

In 829 was founded the church of San Zaccaria in Venice, as an ideal continuation of the Basilica of San Marco, along with substantial emoluments to build next to a Benedictine monastery of female cloister, in which were locked up the daughters of the Venetian nobility in order to preserve intact the family properties: these nuns were reputed to lead a free and licentious life.

Between the Basilica of San Marco and the Monastery there was a vegetable garden ( brolo, in Venetian) owned by the nuns who sold a part to enlarge the square in front of the Basilica, and from here it seems born the Italian word cheat, because the square was called precisely “broglio”, and here were found the fallen nobles, called Barnabotti, who sold their votes to the Great Council, thus generating deceit, agreements, disloyalty.

The Corps of San Zaccaria rests in the mysterious and fascinating crypt, which resisted a furious fire that killed more than a hundred nuns. In 1515 the Church assumed the appearance it now has, the facade completely redone by Codussi, while the Bell Tower, dating back to the eleventh century has remained the same.

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Carlo Scarpa, Architect

Do you like Modern Architecture? Are you searching for an original idea about it in Venice?

Light, water, wood, marble, rock, iron, mosaic, Murano’s glass. Empty and full spaces, reflections and shadows: elements of Carlo Scarpa’s (1906-1978) buildings. Come and visit, also by guided tours, Querini Stampalia Foundation, Olivetti Shop, Baratto and San Sebastiano in Ca’ Foscari University and IUAV- Architecture Faculty of Venice!

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The Venetians Celebration: Redentore Festival

Do not miss the Festival most loved by Venetians, The Redeemer.

The Feast of the Redeemer is the event that commemorates the construction of the Church of the Redeemer as an ex voto for the liberation of the city from the plague of 1575-1577.

At the end of the plague it was decided to celebrate with the setting up of a votive bridge on the Giudecca Canal connecting the island with the Zattere at the height of the Church of the Holy Spirit, thus allowing the pedestrian to reach the Church of the Redeemer.

This celebration becomes a tradition still active after almost five centuries.

In addition to the religious character, the festival is remembered for a great fireworks show that is held on the night between the third Saturday and Sunday of July on the Basin of San Marco and for the three regattas of typical Venetian boats organized on the next day, attracting a large audience from all over the world.

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Venice by car or train (without heavy luggages all around the city)? YES!

Will you reach Venice by car or train?

LHost in Venice is the solution for you: in the immediate vicinity of your arrival and at the same time already immersed in the beauty of a spectacular panorama!

You can easily park your car in the various guarded car parks in the Tronchetto-Piazzale Roma area and reach in a few minutes our apartment and the historic center of Venice.

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