Hidden Gardens of Venice

Did you know that Venice is rich in beautiful hidden gardens? In a city that looks only stone and brick, in fact within the properties of the Venetian nobles, you can find some greenery. Sansovino, in 1600, counted 50 gardens in the Santa Croce district, 39 in the San Marco district, 49 for Castello, 29 for San Polo and Dorsoduro and 40 for the Cannaregio district.

Due to the increasing urbanization of early 1900s and the continued depopulation, many of these small oases have been destroyed, but some of the remaining oases are still open to visitors. During your stay you can enter these green areas and admire, in addition to plants, sculptures, statues and fountains of unprecedented beauty.

Here are some of the most famous secret gardens, which can be visited with guided tours:

the Garden of the Old School of Mercy;
the Gardens of the Church of San Francesco della Vigna;
the Garden of Ca’ Morosini;
the Garden of the Casino of the Spirits;
the Garden of Casa Cardinal Piazza.